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April 15 2013

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Six Stages Of Debugging

1. That can’t happen.
2. That doesn’t happen on my machine.
3. That shouldn’t happen.
4. Why does that happen?
5. Oh, I see.
6. How did that ever work?

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If your web application fails in browsers with scripting disabled, Jakob Nielsen’s dog will come to your house and shit on your carpet.
History API - Dive Into HTML5
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February 09 2013

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February 06 2013

“With every trade we make, comment we leave, person we flag, badge we earn, we leave a reputation trail.” — Rachel Botsman

July 31 2011

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June 11 2011

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First Contact etiquette

April 27 2011

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December 16 2010

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December 11 2010

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December 10 2010

Caroling with Yoda
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